Young World
Friday, August 4, 2006

Inside the forest


A boy, a forest, a river, a monster ... perfect ingredients for a wonderful adventure. 

A small village called Pappudom on the banks of the beautiful Tarangam seems the ideal setting for adventure. But as if this was not enough, there is the Chekutan Thodi close by. The people of Pappudom know that they are not supposed to go into the forest for it is unsafe and legend has it that there are evil spirits roaming there.

But all this changes when Pappu spots a monster emerge from the river. And soon after a cow is found dead and the last straw is when Unni goes missing. Now Pappu knows he has to act. He ropes in his friend KP. But the sacred pact has been broken and somebody has to pay for it. Pappu has some very interesting adventures, travelling into the past with his ancestors.

Will Pappu be able to save the village?

It is a remarkable story, with the right mix of history, folklore and legend adding mystery and suspense to the tale. Varma skilfully takes the reader back and forth from the present to the past.


DEVIL'S GARDEN Shreekumar Varma Penguin, Rs. 175